So it, that is.

I'm going to give you an update that is completely unrelated to France. Except for this one thing. We were on this ship with all kinds of people from varied backgrounds. We found common ground with all of them, but a few times we'd connect with a couple and discover that they're also Jesus lovers like us. And then we'd all relax a little more because we knew we had a deeper connection than just four people that happened to be sitting at a table eating amazing French food while cruising down the Seine. I don't know exactly how to describe it, but it's kind of like meeting part of your family you didn't know existed, but you realize you all have the same nose and eyes.

But let's talk about school. It's August. You've seen the school supplies for weeks. It's almost time for school to begin. I've tried to summer the heck out June and July...okay and May, but it's almost time to get down to business again. Although I have to do some prep work in the summer, I generally avoid the stressy parts of homeschooling. That would be the parts that actually involve my kids. The kids make it stressy. So in the summer I go away with my friend and we plan, read, schedule, and eat. It's fun. I meet with families and get familiar with my class for the fall, but again, I'm basically meeting up with my friends for coffee while I go over what we'll do in class. Other than that, we don't do school in the summer. I've done it before. I decided I needed the break as much or more than the kids did. Therefore, summer is sacred NO SCHOOL time for us.

I wish I could say that I followed through with that amazing pinterest chart that I swear I'll do every summer. You know the one where it says "Before screen time, have you read for an hour, done your chores, created something, brushed your teeth, saved a baby bird that fell from the tree, made a major scientific discovery..." But I didn't do it this summer either. We didn't even sign up for the library's summer reading program until July, and then I learned it was all online and I'm supposed to remember more usernames and passwords?!?!?!?  So...that didn't really happen either. Sorry kids. I'll buy you a book from Mr. K's.

I mean, they did read some, but they did a lot more Minecraft, messaging their friends, video games, Netflix, pool time, friend time, camps, or unscheduled "do NOT ask me what to do today" time. I feel like I should feel bad about that, but I don't. My parents didn't make me do lists over the summer, and I loved summertime as a kid. They do enough work in the school year. I don't want to schedule their summers too.

I'm still not quite ready to jump into full-blown homeschool mom mode again, but when does my preference ever matter in this kind of thing. August is here. The kids must be educated, and I'm tapped with the job. This week I'll be shopping for school supplies and organizing my stuff to actually get started with the work. Summer is almost over. School is beginning. Whether I'm ready or not, school will be happening.


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