Only people that really care about us will want to read this. I don't blame everyone else for skipping.

It's been awhile since I've posted an update. We've been getting back into our school routine which is an adjustment from everyone. It hasn't been the smoothest start, and I hit my wall early this year. I think 4 weeks into the school year is a new record. So here's where our lives are at the moment:

  • Sundays are church and Awana in the evenings for Charlotte and Matthew (Bible memorization program, kids love it, very fun, yada yada). I try hard to avoid using the day to catch up on things I feel behind on. We try to enjoy the day. Usually this means I take a nap because I'm getting OLD.
  • Mondays are my day to do all the things. I do all the laundry. Make sure we have meals for the week, prep for tutoring all day on Tuesday, make sure the kids are ready for their classes on Tuesday. All. The. Things.
  • Tuesdays are our homeschool group day. We're there from 8:30-3:45, and I'm tutoring 7th graders for most of the day. Tuesday are also the designated restaurant night. I can order Marco's pizza from my phone, pick it up on the way home, and be done with dinner prep by 4pm. =) Or it's kids night at Moes. THEN Tuesday nights are American Heritage Girls and Trail Life. We'll get home around 8:30. As you can see, we're practically gone from 8:30am-8:30pm other than a short stint at home where I cuddle up in a blanket and don't talk for at least an hour. 
  • Wednesdays are the day I try to do none of the things. I sleep in. Do not call or text me early in the morning unless you want to be put on my enemy list. We eventually do school. We try to go to the library. Tommy has his youth group in the evenings so I'm on chauffeur duty.
  • Thursdays...I think Thursdays are normal and boring. They must be because Thursdays are coming up blank.
  • Fridays are the day I'm more inclined to blow off school for the pool, park, friends, coffee with friends, or whatever extra field trip might go with our school topics.
  • Saturdays are like the junk drawer of our week. Sometimes we catch up on schoolwork. Or yardwork. Or housework. All the things we didn't get done during the week get thrown into Saturday. Or we have friends over. Go downtown. Go to the fun stuff we've been putting off. Go to movies. Whatever. You get the picture. 

So that's our life at the moment. Jon works on planes. I have become a momager for my kids' activities, educational pursuits, and social life. Oh, and I've seriously cut back on eating out (again). We'll see how long we can keep things going this time. Things are constant and a little exhausting, but I think we have a routine down. At least we're routine-ish. At this point in life, I'm pretty okay with -ish. 


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