Where are we now?

My writing has slowed down a lot. Our lives have slowed down after 5 years. It's amazing how life flows from one season to the next, and you usually don't even realize it's happened until it's done. I wake up this morning and I realize that we've flowed into the picture of the suburban American dream complete with an HOA, a mortgage, and slightly crammed schedule of troops, school obligations, teams, and youth group. This looks like a place we've been before, but it is so different. We see the world with totally different eyes than we did 5 years ago. And although we might look like everyone else with a cursory glance, our focus is no longer on acquisition but surrender. Part of what I've learned in the last few months is that even if our lives don't look as visually exciting and dare I say "authentic" from the outside, it doesn't make our new life any less meaningful and impactful. But enough of that. So what have we been up to lately?

First, Tommy is finishing up 8th grade. He's preparing for mock trial next month where he's playing the part of one of the prosecuting attorneys. I have to get ready for high school. I'm going to have a high school student. My child will be in high school. I have to keep saying it out loud because it doesn't seem possible. This little guy was going with me to college while I finished up my senior year just yesterday! As of today his career goal is to be a singer. Ahem. He's so 13.

Charlotte is on her very first overnight camping trip with her American Heritage Girls troop. This is kind of a big deal. She's an hour and a half away. She is thriving in our homeschool group. Her biggest struggle in life at the moment (other than her brothers) is finding friends in our neighborhood.

Matthew. Ah, Matthew. He's still the same kid. He says random things. He makes up elaborate stories about his careers. This morning his BBQ restaurant had its grand opening and is doing well. He and Tommy will be on flag football teams this spring. This goes well with his football obsession. I need him to have other football people in his life because I can only fake excitement in the same football conversations for so long.

Jon is working a lot this weekend. He's growing a mustache for Mustache March. Apparently that's a thing in the Air Force. I will post pictures soon.

And finally me: Well, a few things have happened to me in the last month. First, I'm going to be directing Challenge A next year in our CC group (that's roughly the 7th grade group for Classical Conversations). I'm really excited to take on something new. I'm a project person. I need new things every once in awhile to keep my soul happy. Second, I started and quit Whole30. My friend didn't think I could do it, and she's right. I hate putting myself in a box of rigid rules. It makes me die a little inside after awhile. I did it long enough to detox from all the sugar and carbs that my body was addicted to. I found out that I actually CAN be one of those people that wakes up with energy in the morning and keep going for the whole day. Who knew that a diet full of fruits, veggies, and healthy fats could make such a difference! Still, my deep, passionate, lifelong love affair with pizza will not be denied. Pizza and I have a bond that I can't fully describe with words. Um...I didn't mean to profess my love for pizza so much. I was trying to say that I cleaned up my diet long enough to discover some of the things that bother me. Basically, sugar. Anything that makes my blood sugar go up and down quickly is really bad for me. My goal is to generally eat vegetables, fruit, and protein. Desserts are now the rare treat they were meant to be. Bread and pasta can't be the star of the show anymore. They can be like the guest star that shows up every once in awhile for the season finale. I'm not even that sad about it because I felt so good once I cut all of those things out.

I don't feel bad about quitting because I think it did what it was meant to do. I learned how unhealthy my eating habits had become, and it forced me to change direction. No matter how much I described my attempt at Whole30 as a type of fast or trying to figure out the best way for me to be healthy, my kids were still starting to categorize foods as good and bad which I'm NOT okay with. I also don't want to be one of those people that doesn't eat what is served when visiting someone's house. I didn't want to be ruled by food, and I was starting to feel like I'd exchanged one form of food slavery for another. I think Whole30 is great for a lot of people, but it just wasn't for me. Still, I encourage everyone to look at it and cut out the described foods for at least a week and see if you feel a difference. I'm serious when I say I've felt like a new person in the last few weeks. I haven't had so much consistent energy since...I don't even know when. College maybe? Before kids? I've been happier. It's made me calmer and happier in general. I got rid of all the ups and downs I had everyday. Even adding in a few of the foods I'd abstained from, I still feel great. So seriously. Give it a try. You might be amazed at how much better you feel.

And one last thing. We've been visiting a new church since January that I'm considering falling in love with. I haven't quite decided how I'm going to let myself feel about things yet, but it's got the hallmarks of what I've been longing for in a church family. The people are friends with each other, it's not simply a Sunday morning things to do. The services are simple. We sing songs, we pray, we sing more songs, we listen to teaching. There's no production to it, which I really love. I know lots of people really enjoy the loud production that is so popular today, and I'm glad that option is available. For me it always felt like more of a distraction than a help in corporate worship. I know that's personal preference, and I can't totally worship in both settings. Differences are good. God made all different kinds of people so of course churches will look different from each other in the superficial.

And that's it. You've gotten the Dumont family update for February and half of March. No trips, no moves, no devastating job changes...just normal family stuff. =)


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