Homeschool Planning Weekend 2015

I just finished my 4th Homeschool Planning Weekend, and it was hands down the most effective weekend yet. I think that's mostly because I was half a state away from my kids. They were not taking up any brain space so I was able to completely focus on my school work. My kids are not so little any more, and my husband was able to take a day off of work to watch them so I could do what I needed to do. He's awesome. =)

I am not one of those people that does well chipping away at a giant project for 15 minutes a day for months at a time. I'm naturally a project person, not a maintainer.  Give me a weekend of uninterrupted time, and I will get my head wrapped around teaching formal logic, literature, latin, science, and history to three kids ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Give me 2 months of 15 minute moments every day, and I'll get almost nothing done. And you know what? Homeschooling is no joke. Did you read those subjects I'm covering? LATIN? LOGIC? Seriously. Subjects for 3 different kids on 3 different grade levels. Do you think that's easy? Because it's not.

So this is how my friend and I do this. First,  make a friend do this with you. You need to do this with a friend. Not only does this give you a dinner companion, but you will automatically get more done. She's like your workout buddy. It's harder to put down the logic books and take a nap when your friend is busily typing her assignment sheets right next to you. Second, go to a hotel. It might sound silly or extravagant, but it's not. You won't get interruptions, breakfast is ready for you in the morning, and you don't have to clean anything. All you can do is work.  Next, use gift cards and hotel points if you have them. I had hotel points that allowed us to stay at a better hotel for less money. My friend had an Olive Garden gift card. We are a match made in heaven. =)

And that's it. My family is still trying soooo hard to stay on an all cash budget, so I drove my husband's car with much better gas mileage to our hotel that was just over 2 hours away. My husband's paid for car that's less than 2000 miles away from joining the 200,000 Miles Club. The car that has no radio and no AC. In July. In South Carolina. And I would do it again in a heartbeat because Homeschool Planning Weekend is that important!

And that's all. I really wrote all this out so I could humble brag about driving the car with no AC in the middle of summer in SC. It was a long setup. =)


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