The most boring Dumont update ever.

It's been a little over a month since I've done a real update. Some of that is because our lives became very boring in comparison to our last year.  I've been setting up house, getting the kids into their new homeschool group, and dealing with...reintegration.  Reintegration is something military families will get. Although Jon wasn't deployed last year, he was traveling  all. the. time.  Now he's home every day. Every single day. Like, really. Reintegration means we have to relearn how to all live together full-time again. And really, that's about it. We've been doing very normal, boring things together for the last month since we haven't had normal, boring lives in a long time.  But... there are a few things that have happened so here's the rundown.

1.  We've been here a month, and although I still have some work to do, I've got our home generally put together. Our bedroom is still kind of a catchall, but our home is a home. NOT rooms full of stacks and boxes.

2. Tommy has had a surprising turn in his school. We were able to transition from one CC group in Raleigh to a new group here in Charleston. In the last few weeks, Tommy has really stepped up and taken ownership of his schoolwork which is fantastic for me. His can I put this...well, he's motivated by being the most productive in his class. Basically, he likes having all of his work down, especially when others in his class don't. I've decided to go with it. If it makes him do his Latin on his own without me making him do it, I'm all for it. As a kid that was very motivated by having the best grade in the class, I get this. =)

3. Charlotte has never had trouble fitting in with new groups of girls, and this move has been no different. She has quickly settled in with the girls in her class as well as picking up with old friends. She's happy, so I'm happy.  She does want to get back into gymnastics and start taking violin lessons, but I'm not ready to commit. ;)

4. Tomorrow starts the season of Lent. I've never done Lent before. I've always been Baptist, and Baptists don't really do Lent or fasting. BUT I've felt more and more convicted in the last few years that fasting is something I need to incorporate into my life. So...I'm doing it. I haven't exactly decided how I'm going to do it. Whether I'm going to pick one thing (sugar) to give up, limiting myself to a restricted diet (think Jen Hatmaker's book, 7),  or to choose one day each week to fast. There are lots of ways to do it, and I'm settling tonight on what I'm going to do. I guess we'll see how this goes.

5. For about 5 minutes I had really exciting news about taking a trip with my friend to Washington DC. Then we remembered that we have people that can't seem to live a day without us so...that dream died fairly quickly. Sigh. I'm supposed to go to a homeschool convention in March, but I'm still waffling on it since Jon won't be around to watch the kiddos like he originally planned. It's only really fun when I don't have to think about the kids when I'm at a convention for the direct purpose of thinking about my kids' education. That might not make sense to you, but it does to me.

So that's it. A completely boring update. No moves. No job changes. Just very boring daily life. It's not even worthy of an update really, but I needed to officially close that chapter of our lives. =)


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