So why do we travel so much?

If you've kept up with me at all, you know that we've been on the move A LOT in the last year. We go to Charleston with Mr. Inc just about every month. We did a whole week in Charleston and will do another week soon while he works. We've done more than one trip to see family or to switch kids off so they get time with friends or grandparents in South Carolina.  The kids are used to the drill now. A 4+ hour drive doesn't phase them because they've been doing this kind of thing for their entire lives.  And yes, it's so much fun.  I'm so thankful we get to do all these, but I would be sharing only half the story if all of my friends thought we led this charmed life of traveling to the beach and staying in wonderful hotels every weekend, everything being beauty and light. Because it's soooo not. So here are highs and lows of the weekend.

  • We went to a 80s themed pool party and saw lots of old friends.
  • We ate at a BBQ restaurant that Mr. Inc loves.
  • We stayed in a really nice, newly built hotel where they clean for me and cook breakfast. All for free.
  • I got to watch The Pioneer Woman and the prom scene of Pretty in Pink (which is really the only part I wanted to see anyway).
  • We went to the park.
  • I finally used up the last of my Starbucks gift card for a Venti Hazelnut Frappuccino. 
  • We spent the weekend together as a family. This is the point anyway since Mr. Inc travels during the week.
  •  So. many. bathroom. breaks. on the drives.
  • Mr. Inc forgot something that we had to drive back for. This turned our 4-5 hour trip into a solid 7 hour drive.
  • The kids argued more than once about sleeping arrangements. Do you know what it's like to pile 5 people into one hotel room? It's not very fun, my friend. I was simply thankful we were on the first floor. This prevented the usual "It's MY turn to push the elevator button!" "NO, YOU DID IT LAST TIME! IT'S MY TURN!!!!!"
  • One kid threw up at dinner. I don't know why. He's not sick. He was fine before and after. I think they he did it because he knew it was our one nice meal out. You can't throw up the fast food, can you? Nope. It's the sit-down restaurant meal that ends up in the toilet.
  • More fighting over sleeping arrangements.
  • A general lack of sleep because I don't sleep well in hotels.
  • Sunday was hot and we spent two hours of it outside at the park.  Mr. Inc. gets off work early sometimes so we need to be somewhat close to pick him up when he's ready. 
So WHY do we do this every month? I mean, yeah. It's fun in an exhausting kind of way. But we don't do it for the fun. We go because Mr. Inc has to go for work. So we go with him. If we want to see him, we have to follow him. So we follow him. Granted, it's not the worst place to follow him to, but it's still tiring for all of us. It would be easier on him if we didn't go. It would be easier for me if we didn't go. But we didn't choose easy. Easy doesn't last when things get tough. So next week, we'll do the whole ritual all over again.  The pool, the beach, the friends, the "I HAVE TO GO THE BATHROOM RIGHT NOW!" announcements as we're driving past the rest stop (every. single. time). The restless sleep, the arguments over beds/couches/elevator buttons. Mr. Inc will work every day, and we'll get to see him every evening.


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