One month post-move!

It's been a little over a month since I've been able to write anything. Unfortunately, our computer that as been struggling for months finally passed away between Charleston and Raleigh. Since we're also trying to figure out our new budget in a new city and new job, we thought the prudent choice would be to wait on a computer. So I'm writing on the laptop that refuses to type the letters "g" and "h".  I'm counting on spellcheck to fix everything. ;-)

So we've been in Raleigh for a month now. It's been quite an adjustment as we knew it would be. I have endearingly named our apartment The Shoebox. It's a tight squeeze, but it's turned out to be exactly what I asked for. Remember those goals for 2014? You know, getting back to basics? Top of the list was stuff and home. We moved into a 1000sq ft apartment, and I'm pretty sure they exaggerated on the size. There's no room for extra clutter. Really. Every single item we own needs its own space, or we'll be stepping on it. I've spent the last month sliding things around until I found the one exact spot that it fits. I'm not quite finished, but a collapsed closet threw off my schedule. I have to admit that I've done a better job of getting our home decorated and organized than I've ever done. Ever. It's easier to keep clean because I was forced to find a spot for every single item AND put those items away. I can't leave stacks of stuff out anymore because we use every single inch of space in this apartment. Basically, my shoebox has forced me into submission. Resistance is futile. I'm much less tempted to buy stuff when I know how tricky it will be to find a space for it.

goal number 2 was Food. Specifically, not eating out. Although we haven't been perfect, we have GREATLY improved!  I've been making a menu and following it. Following the menu was always the problem for me. I've been baking and cooking freezer meals to ward off any temptation to eat out. Let me tell you, after my first day of making pizza pockets for the freezer, I was not convinced that the result would be worth my time and effort, but I was so wrong. Spending a few ours over the weekend or an afternoon to make lunches as been a lifesaver. I don't have to think about what we're eating for lunch. I only have to grab 4 items out of the freezer, put them in the oven, and lunch is ready 30 minutes later. I say oven because we don't actually have a microwave. It's been a small adjustment but not nearly as hard as you might think. We didn't have one because it was provided in our previous apartment. I considered buying one, but I didn't really want to spend the money, plus I wasn't sure I could justify the counter space I'd be giving up. I'm sure we'll have a microwave again one day, but I've decided to live without it while we're in the shoebox.

So how is my back to basics agenda working out for me?  honestly, better than I expected. Moving to a new city and downsizing means I've cut my life to the basics already in many ways. We have no commitments pulling us in 5 different directions. We've cut out many of the distractions in our lives. I'm genuinely surprised at how much I've enjoyed doing the simple things like baking and cooking, playing with the kids. Over the last 3 years, I felt torn between work and home.  Kids, school, and family would get pushed to the back burner sometimes because they don't have pressing deadlines.  Now my attention isn't divided. I know myself well enough to know that this will NOT last, and I don't even think it necessarily should.  But for this slice of our lives, after all the moving, after being stretched in too many directions over the last few years, this is good. This is what we need.


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