July Mayhem

So, we have BIG news in our family. BIG. HUGE. LIFE CHANGING NEWS. And...I can't share it. It's killing me because we're so excited, but I can't. Before you ask, the answer is No. I am not pregnant. That kind of news would be classified under the "Mindy might just have a heart attack or nervous breakdown" category. My news is exciting, although now that I think about it, our news might qualify under the nervous breakdown category as well.  Prayers would be appreciated because big things are happening in our family.

In other news, the past few weeks have been a little crazier than usual.  Pressure has been building over the last few weeks, and yesterday it exploded all over the place like a giant soda that's been shaken and opened. It was messy. I had a plan for the day. I actually have a plan for the week with very little wiggle room.  I tried to put my week-long to-do list onto my phone, and my phone told me I had run out of space on my memo. My PHONE told me I had too much to do.

My Monday plan was smashed to pieces before my feet hit the floor when I accidentally slept in, and Mr. Inc. unexpectedly came walking through the door.  Then he said, "Hey, since I'm home so early, let's take the van to the mechanic and see if they can fix the air conditioning."


I had the mechanic in my plan, but much later in the day. And this is how things went for the rest of the day...

  • We got up and ready. We took the van to the mechanic. 
  • Mr. Inc wanted to go to lunch so we went to Chick fil a.
  • I realized at CFA that my phone was missing. Left the family at CFA to go back to the mechanic. Found my phone sitting in the van.
  • Went back to lunch and picked up the family.
  • Dropped off the family and ran to Target because I unexpectedly needed a ink cartridge for my printer. I'd already planned on going for something Target specific that afternoon so I moved Target to the top of my list. This further blew my daily plan to pieces.
  • Quickly made my way through Target UNTIL I got to the planners. I needed a new calendar/planner ASAP. I stood in front of planners for 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes. The first planner was the perfect layout with a pretty yellow chevron cover, but it was too big. The second planner was the right size with the pretty yellow chevron cover, but it had the wrong layout. The third planner was the perfect size, the perfect layout, but the cover wasn't my favorite. These sound like small things, but I will LIVE with this book for a year. I need to love it. I finally snapped out of my planner induced coma and chose the third one. Practicality over aesthetics, that's me.
  • Tested out the Otterbox on my fancy, new phone when I accidentally hit it with the cart then dropped it. It hit the ground and slid across the floor.  
  • Found out it would take $2000 dollars to fix the AC. Ergo, we'll continue to live with no AC in the van. It's no big deal. It will be an adventure. We'll pretend we're the early colonists learning to live in the Charleston heat. Except without the cholera outbreaks. 
  • Drove back to the mechanic to pay him for telling us what's wrong and drove the van home.
  • Got home, tried to install the much needed ink cartridge. The cartridge would. not. go. in. the. printer.
  • Found out I could purchase Mumford and Sons tickets! Yay! Computer wouldn't let me finish the purchase. NOOOOO!!!
  • Mr. Inc. started freaking out because he had to be at the airport, and his flight was scheduled to leave sooner than he thought.
  • Took Mr. Inc to the airport then came straight home just in time for Miss Firecracker to change into her leotard, finally get my tickets for Mumford, and magically pop the ink cartridge into the printer.
  • Turned in my important, newly printed papers.
  • Went to gymnastics in Summerville.
  • Left gymnastics for a meeting in Mt. Pleasant. 
  • Left the meeting to get frozen yogurt with our friends
  • Made it home around 11pm
  • Made out my loooong list of things to do Tuesday and went to bed.
Today while sitting at Mr. Logical's golf class, I finally had time to start filling in my calendar. I've been on the phone or prepping some event things most of the day so it was my first time to sit down and lay it all out. When I was done, my July calendar had 3 days with blank spaces. Three. And I'm not even done filling it in. I'm not sure how things got so packed, but we are slammed until October. I suppose it's the life we're living right now. It's very crazy, but once the craziness is gone, I think I'll miss it. Maybe. Or not. Perhaps I'll pick up a hobby again one day. Like knitting or churning my own butter or something. I read that churning butter is becoming the new cool thing to do. So that's it. Crazy days for us this summer, but looking forward to every bit of it!


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