Early to bed, early to rise...

For the last...hmmm...11 years, sleep has been very hit and miss. Pregnancy, baby, toddler, pregnancy, baby, toddler, pregnancy, baby, toddler will do that to a person. I used to hate it when I'd tell my doctor that I was exhausted, expecting him to come up with some magic cure then hear those words I learned to loathe: "Well, you're very busy with small children. Of course you're tired! How are you sleeping?"   In my mind, I'd glare at him and think, "I. HATE. YOU." 

Unfortunately, he was probably right.  I wasn't sleeping well. I wasn't sleeping regularly.  However, I've finally arrived to the next phase. I'm moving on from toddler to regular sleep again!  I can count on my kids going to bed and staying there until the next morning! Now here's my new problem. I loooooooove sleep. I am also a night owl. My best ideas come at night when everyone else is asleep.  Those two things are the perfect recipe for sleeping in.  Since we homeschool, I can do that. =)  However, it's becoming more and more of a problem and I've been realizing that I have no good reason to justify sleeping late anymore. Plus there are all those verses in Proverbs about getting up early. I won't bother listing them, but feel free to look for yourself. There are no verses that say "Blessed is the woman that sleeps in while her children watch early morning cartoons."

I'd been putting off actually doing anything about my growing conviction because it was painful to think about. Who gets up at 5am?!!?  It turns out a lot of people get up at 5am including my husband and one of my best friends. I'd check my facebook page at 9am to see that my friend had already baked bread, done laundry, run a marathon, written a book, and waxed her floors. I might be exaggerating some. She might have only run the 1/2 marathon. Mr. Inc would have already changed a tire. On an AIRPLANE. And I was happy to have brushed my teeth and checked my email. This scenario was no good. I needed to change.

I will never expect to become a morning person, and 5am might not be completely realistic for me, but I decided to change my ways. I'd go to bed with Mr. Inc and get up at 5am when he did. Wednesday morning will be my 3rd attempt. Monday, I did it. I got up at 5am. I was a little confused as to what to do because I was totally messing with my normal routine, but it was good. I actually enjoyed the benefits of being up so early. Then I took at nap that afternoon. =)

Tuesday...well, I failed. There's no other way to put it. I rolled over and went back to sleep.  I guess I split the difference. I didn't get up at 5, but I still got up and going earlier than usual. Now it's 10:34pm, I'm writing about getting up early, and Mr. Inc went to bed 20 minutes ago. Like I said, Tuesday was a FAIL for my goal. So for Wednesday, I have a new plan.  In the morning, Mr. Inc will push the snooze button when he gets up instead of turning off the alarm. Then 10 minutes later, I'll have to turn the alarm off.  Maybe I'll be the one showing off with my list of completed chores at 7am.  We shall see.


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