Guess what we do on Christmas Eve!

This time of year, my children are the ones envied by all other children in America. Why?  Well, they only have the MOST AWESOME parents in the world that let them open all of their presents on Christmas Eve!  When we moved to Charleston, our extended family did not stop their holiday traditions, and we weren't willing to give up the big family Christmas. I also wasn't willing to give up our own little family Christmas day to travel. I wanted our kids to wake up excited to see their gifts and have an entire day to play and be together. Who wants to wake up early on Christmas morning, rush through presents, then get in the car to drive for 3 hours without even enjoying the morning? My solution was to move our Christmas up one day.
Tonight, on Christmas Eve's Eve, the kids opened one gift of pajamas. BBE was especially excited about his footsie pjs!  They know that tomorrow morning, they'll wake up to presents under the tree followed by our now traditional Christmas breakfast of a breakfast casserole, pancakes, and bacon.  Mmmmm, bacon....

Where was I? Oh yes, then the rest of Christmas Eve, we get to hang out together, play with our new toys, and go to bed without the day culminating in a giant 3 kid meltdown that 3 Christmas events in one day would insure.  So on Christmas day, we get to drive to grandma's house, stay for a few hours, then move the party to great grandma's house where we do it all over again with even MORE family and food! Love it!  Merry Christmas everyone!

 Sorry people, I can't remember how to turn the picture. Just tilt your head to the left!


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