Husband bashing

      So over the last week and a half, the topic of husband bashing kept popping up in different ways.  It came up again tonight, so I'm writing about it with the hope that I can move on to other things.  Just to be clear, when I use the term "husband bashing," I'm referring to complaining or basically trashing your husband verbally to your friends. Physically beating your husband is not husband bashing. That would be abuse, and it's not cool. Unless he likes that sort of thing...but that's weird and you have bigger issues than I can address. ;)
      Anyway, the first time I picked up on this topic was last week at my church (which I now love) in reference to wives encouraging and publicly complimenting their husbands. Obviously, the opposite would be PUBLIC HUSBAND BASHING ***boo, hiss***.   After that, I started  seeing other examples, other get it. It's just one of those things that kept popping up.  Can I say that I'm not guilty of husband bashing? Yes, I can say that. I would be LYING, but I can say it.
      I hang my head in shame because I have joined in the pastime that all wives have participated in since the beginning of time. I have gone to lunch with friends, complained about my husband, mercilessly nitpicked whatever perceived flaw was bothering me at the time. Then they'd chime in with their own complaints, and we would commiserate with each other.  I didn't do this alone after all, that defeats the purpose!
     Seriously though, this is a very damaging habit.  It hurts him, it hurts you, and it hurts your marriage.  I can honestly say that I really try not to, and when I catch myself slipping into that mode, I shut it down. Because really, my husband is pretty much the most amazing guy around. Yes, he has his issues. He's human, and no one's perfect. Still, he's awesomeness rolled up in wonderful. 
     In conclusion, if you're not happy with your husband, keep it to yourself. It's really nobody else's business.  And Mr. Inc is the best. Even if he gets on my last nerve. Which you'll hopefully never know about if I'm following my own advice.


  1. Mindy, that is a great blog. Another thing I don't like to hear is a husband and/or wife talking to each other or about each other negatively in front of others. Or talking about how "hot" (I actually hate that word used in connection with women), good looking, etc another female is, either in front of his wife or not. The public forum is NOT the place to tell averyone about your spouses failings, male or female (because men do it too), nor is it the place to talk about how fabulous some other woman is. Thanks for a good word!


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