Just a few quick updates today. First off, I took the kids to the beach on Wednesday. By myself. Because I'm awesome like that. BBE (aka Average Toddler) was wonderful! He's just big enough to enjoy himself, and he's still so laid back that he's easy to watch. The beach was empty so I had no trouble keeping up with everyone, and when it was time to go, no one cried. I call that resounding success. We will be making many more beach trips in the future. In fact, I'm seriously considering turning Wednesdays into BEACH WEDNESDAY!!!! Because isn't Wednesday the most boring day of the week?  Why not have some fun and make it....BEACH WEDNESDAY!!!!
      Besides being pleasantly surprised at how well our beach visit went, I also noticed that it's the first time that I didn't feel like I was on vacation. It really felt like we'd simply taken an afternoon to spend at the beach. I admit I liked the feeling. Can Charleston really be growing on me that much? Stranger things have happened...Then again, ask me in July when the temps are over 100 and it feels like I'm walking through a sponge because the humidity's so high.
      And on a completely different topic, I've noticed Mr. Inc keeps throwing the same question at me.  With incredulity, he'll say "How did I end up with you?!"  He's said it with the best and worst intent depending on whatever I did/said to bring that question out. ;)  For instance, in the past few days, these are some of my statements that have lead to the question:
                  "I'd love to learn how to kitesurf! I've already found classes!" 
                  "We could climb Mt. Rainier! We know people that have done it!" 
                  "Can I cut my hair short, spiky, and dye it pink?" 
Jon would explain why he thinks ____________ is a bad idea and end it with, "How did I end up with you!"  You'd think after all this time, he wouldn't be surprised at how opposite we are. I choose to think that he finds my sense of adventure endearing. I also think it's about 12 years too late for this question to come up. Now he has no choice but to live with my craziness. =)
      And that's it for now...short and sweet today.



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