Vacation in our hometown

    This week has been busy.  Busy with good things, but exhausting just the same. Monday we got to spend the entire day with friends we usually see about once a year! We were forced to look at Charleston through the eyes of a tourist, and I was actually surprised at how many opportunities we have here that I forget about. Since I think of these friends as our vacation buddies (we usually do a vacation with them, obviously!), we treated Monday like a vacation in our own hometown. Of course this means calories and budgets don't count...very much.  First, we went to the Charleston Tea Plantation. I loved it, my friend loved it, the guys didn't love it so much. It was educational so I can even count the day as a school day! We saw our first gator of the year so fun times all around. Here are some pics if you're interested...

These are little, baby tea plants in the green house!

 This is a field of tea. I love tea. =)

 If you look closely, there's the alligator on the far bank of the pond.

 The kids are smelling flavored tea made at the plantation. I'm not sure what BBE is thinking, but he looks like he's plotting something evil.

    Next we went to the Angel Oak on John's Island. The tree is MASSIVE. It's also between 300-400 years old which would be why it's so big. This tree was a baby when Europeans starting coming to this area.
I told you! BIG TREE! See the people around the tree, they're not very far away. This isn't perspective working. It's just. that. big.

 Aren't they so cute? I love watching our kids grow up together, even if it is one vacation at a time.
 Even we had to take a picture with the tree. It's kind of the thing to do in Charleston.

 Family picture time!

A tree like this just begs for boys to play war.

The rest of the day we walked around downtown, ate dinner at Bocci's (soooooo good!), walked along the Waterfront, then ate dessert at Kaminski's. Calories don't count today, remember? 

And that was just Monday.  I could go on about failed events, a golf test, delivering flyers, schoolwork, event prep, 2 (yes, TWO) St Patrick's Day parties, a golf assessment for Mr. Logical, and a sleepover...but I'll spare you the gory details. The week was very busy. Fun. But busy. Let's just leave it at that.


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