Perseverance and pacifiers

     So....remember when I wrote about how peaceful, calm, and simplified things had become?  Yeah, that was short-lived. February has been crazy busy. We hosted two time-intensive events, had a full week and a half of sickness, and multiple doctor or dentist appointments between the 5 of us. Those are the things that wreck a family's routine.  I've hit one of those patches where I have to push through and persevere. We've committed most of our time away to important, good things...things that I KNOW we are supposed to be doing, but sometimes part of me selfishly wishes I could reclaim more of our time.
     For instance, on Valentine's Day I started thinking of a list of fun things we could do all day. I could make pink, heart pancakes, then the kids and I could make Valentine sugar cookies, we could read the history behind the get the picture. Then I remembered that my 2 year old had his well check-up that morning, and we had an event that afternoon so no fun, family V-day.  Or how about this past Saturday. We could have gone to Cypress Gardens for free and had a great morning in a beautiful park. Instead, we had to do taxes because it was the one time we knew we had nothing else going on. Again, it's one of those things we had to do, but it's no walk in the park. 
     We consciously chose and still choose every day to live our lives this way. We know that we know we're doing what we're called to do. I just have to admit that sometimes the other side does look greener. I don't know that we ever got very far away from burnout after the second move, and it doesn't take much to nudge me in that direction. So I'm thinking about perseverance right now because these are the times I need to push through even when I don't feel like it. The reward is worth it.

     Oh, and here's our little parenting WIN for the month. Best Baby Ever has finally given up the pacifier for good. It's been almost a week since the last paci went in the trash. It wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. I think he knew that I meant business this time, and there was no point in putting up a fight. =)


  1. Definitely feel ya with the perseverance thing... and we don't even have kids yet!


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