Our day trip to Greenville

    Our weekends have become fairly hectic, and last weekend was no exception.  Believe it or not, we've actually stayed in Charleston for January and February. It's only 2 months, but it was the longest we'd gone without visiting my mother-in-law in the upstate. I hadn't planned on going back until the end of March, but we realized on Friday that Mr. Inc's mom needed a visit. So Saturday morning we decided to pack up the kids and drive up to Greenville for a day trip.  Of course it's not nearly as simple as it sounds. Here's how the drive up went:
  • 10:04- Load everyone in the van
  • 10:39- "I have to go the bathroom!" says Miss Firecracker
  • 11:01-Stop at the first safe restroom after trying to convince Miss F that she doesn't really need to go.  
  • 11:20- Stop in Orangeburg for lunch. Yes, we're really only in Orangeburg at this point.
  • 12:01-Load up the van. Again.
  • 1:15- Stop at the Newberry rest stop because Best Baby Ever starts to smell bad and Miss F has declared she needs to go to the bathroom. Again.
  • 1:22-BBE was a false alarm so we're back on the road.
  • 2:01-Pull into Grammie's house!
    It really took 4 hours for what should have been a 3 hour trip (or 2.5 if you're really pushing it, not that I've ever done that before...)  But whatever, we made it. We had a wonderful visit with Grammie, took her out shopping and to dinner. I think we lifted her spirits, and the kids were happy to see their Grammie. =)
     By this point, it's 6pm and we've just dropped off Grammie. BBE hasn't taken a nap, and he's already spent most of his day strapped in his car seat. He needed to run around, and we were already so close anyway so... we decided to drop in on our very best friends for a few hours!  We finally left around 8:15ish, and even though we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us, the day was totally worth it. We were able to spend time with Grammie, squeeze in some time with our friends, and we didn't have to make a single stop on the way home. The kids were exhausted and slept almost the entire way. =) Oh, and the bonus to sleeping kids is that no one talked for the whole ride. Even Mr. Inc was quiet because we didn't want our voices to wake BBE. Three hours of no talking after the crazy day we had? It was like a vacation for my brain!
   So what did we learn?  Three months is too long to go without visiting. Double your expected travel time when kids are involved (we already knew this but it bears repeating). We really do have great friends. =)


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