Yes yes yes! 2012 is here!

First off, I have to say THANK GOD 2011 IS OVER! Truly, it was the best and worst year of. my. life. I won't rehash all the major events that I've already written about or tell you about the ups and downs that I didn't report.  God was very good to us last year, and I personally learned some hard lessons. Of course, the hard lessons are the ones that yield the most results, and I hope those results will be of use to me this year. Still, I'm hoping for a year of being still and growing deeper instead of spreading ourselves so thin and in so many directions.

So here's what I'm looking for in 2012:

NOT moving

Going deeper with the academics in school

Getting to know our church better

Starting a bible study/small group in our home

Going to the beach and pool more

Eating at home (this one is the ever constant albatross around my neck)

Getting the tattoo I've been thinking about for the last 5 months
and for fun...

Learning how to snowboard!

Oh, and exercise more, lose 10 pounds, blah blah blah... ;-)

So there's my general plan for the year. Notice I'm going for benchmarks, not specifics. Specifics are bad. Specifics guarantee disaster. General benchmarks can be achieved in many different scenarios. Specific life plans on a predetermined timeline are nearly always impossible. General life goals that may or may not happen this year are much more realistic, forgiving, and doable. See? I learned from last year!


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