Waxing philosophical

Last week was normal. We detoxed from the holidays, stayed home a lot, went to the library. I read more, cooked more, did more school...you get the picture. It was nice, calm, mundane, and exactly what we needed. Finally coming through the other side of the chaos that marked our lives last year, I can look back and evaluate last year with a little more detachment. For instance, I can see that last spring I was a little crazed trying to do everything and be everything to everyone around me.  I was completely and utterly overwhelmed by the sheer weight of all choices to be made and things to be done. By summer, I was approaching burn-out, and by fall, I had definitely crashed and burned.
     Maybe a year and a half ago, I sent an email to my two oldest friends updating them on our family since we each lived in separate parts of the world at the time. I remember telling them that at that moment, everything was really wonderful. I knew we were in one of those periods of peace that come in life every once and awhile. I also had the sneaking suspicion that God was providing us with this beautiful moment of rest before throwing us back into the fight. Last year was our fight, and now it feels like we're getting another short respite. I truly treasure these times. I know that something difficult is barreling its way towards us as I write this, but I am blissfully unaware. I am actively resting in the peace God has given us today, and am using this time to prepare for the next fight of life that comes our way.
   Sorry to be so dramatic and slightly dismal, but let's be honest. Life is hard. We know that bad things will happen. It's just the world we live in. We need to take time to appreciate the moments of peace that come our way and give thanks to the One that gives us that peace. While we're at it, we can appreciate the hard times too, knowing that God is perfecting us in those times. He cares enough to put us through the fire to make us just a little more like Christ.

***That being said, I'd like some more time of peace please***


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