Projects over maintenance

     I have determined that I'm a project person. Every few weeks, I have some new project or goal that I simply must do.  Just so you get the gist of what I mean, here's a list of my pet projects over the last few months.
  • Rearranging my bedroom (did this one yesterday)
  • Cooking new recipes/severely cutting back on eating out
  • Birthday parties and celebrations (For Mr. Inc's birthday, the kids and I wrote out things that we love or like to do with Mr. Inc, then I put them in balloons and made him pop each one to get to the message inside...totally stole this idea from a friend by the way)
  • Making my own laundry detergent
  • Changing up our homeschool routine
  • Doing a complete Thanskgiving meal by myself
  • Manicures (I had beautiful nails for a couple of months)
  • Cutting out white flour and sugar
      Some of these are harder than others. Most don't take much time, and that is a very important component to the project. If the project or goal takes too long, it turns into maintenance. I don't like maintaining. It is sooo boring. Unfortunately, most of the things I do fall into the "maintenance" category. Take laundry for example. It's never done. It's a horrible chore really. Even if you wash every single article of dirty clothing your family owns, you're still not done because everyone is always wearing clothes. As soon as your family goes to bed, you have an entire new load to do. See? Boring and never ending. There is a good side to laundry though. It helps me understand how people can turn to nudist colonies. ;)
   Anyway...My real question is whether my proclivity for projects is just who I am, is a way to express some creativity in a day that is fairly constrained by things that simply have to be maintained, it a character flaw? A lack of perseverance? I think it's all three. I'm a sprinter, not a marathoner. I need something different every now and then to break up the day. And occasionally I let it go too far. I will sometimes neglect the things I need to maintain in order to do my pet project.  **sigh**

      And on that note, I'll tell you about my newest project!  ***Drumroll***

     Aren't these tables marvelously ugly and dated? They're just ASKING for someone to make them beautiful and useful again! I found these two tables at Goodwill this past weekend. The sad looking round table was $0.75. No joke. It had been marked down at least 5 times until it was down to $1.01. Then they took another 25% off because I took it with me instead of coming back to pick it up. The other one was about $12 so I got both of these for $13!  I am going to refinish them and make them beautiful! 
     And so it goes until I'm ready for my next project...


  1. This is SOOOO me! I am a "project person" as well! And as soon as my pet project turns to boring maintenence, on to another project! I love your observation about laundry. I think that every new child doubles the ammount of laundry in a family. You wouldn't think it would increase by that much, but that is my observation. At this point if I don't get one load in each morning, it gets instantly out of control! Insert cloth diaper laundry into the routine and my washer is running basically around the clock. Ahh, such is life :) Can't wait to see the finished tables!


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