Peace brings clarity.

    January has basically been a month of clarity and intentional living at home. What do I mean? Well...we've been at home. No trips to visit friends and family, eating at home most of the time (update below!), and cutting back on our busy-ness in general. It's been good, and as long as life doesn't throw me a curve ball too soon, I think we might even be able to maintain these changes/decisions. Instead of being pulled in ten different directions at once, I've been able to focus on the more important things. Peace has brought me clarity, and that makes me happy.'s the update on our lifestyle change of eating at home.  I admit we've had a few slip ups, but overall, we've actually done VERY well this month! I think we'll end up eating out 6 or 7 times before the month is over. That probably still sounds like a lot to you, but also remember we've had 3 birthdays so that accounts for half! This is a HUGE decrease from our usual restaurant habit. We still have a ways to go (obviously), but I'm pretty happy with our progress so far. Our budget is also very happy. =)

And on to other news...

     It's almost that time of year. You homeschool mommies know what I'm talking about. It's the time of year when I start thinking about the next school year (even though I still have MONTHS left in this one). It's that special time of year when I start rethinking curriculum and whether or not I should join a co-op or other such outsourcing. It's basically a "grass is greener" issue, but this year I'm putting a stop to it before it starts.   Instead of going through my yearly freak out over what I need to change for next year, I've made my choice already. I know what curriculum I need to buy for next year, and I'm NOT switching. I basically know what I want to outsource next year. All I need to do is buy exactly what I need for next fall, and not a book more. Since I've decided so early, I can look for the best deal! Best of all, I can go through all my stuff that I've collected over the years and try to sell what I don't need anymore. See? Clarity!

     But really, honestly, this has been a month of renewal for our family in more ways than just eating at home. True peace only comes from Jesus Christ. It's just that simple. Truthfully, we've been so busy and distracted with our own lives in the last year that we lost that peace. It's so refreshing to feel that peace come back, to be more centered.  For the last couple of months I haven't felt like we're in crisis-mode anymore. Our lives have slowed down in a world that keeps pushing everyone faster and faster. It's nice, and I highly recommend slowing down.



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