Making the change. Again, but forever this time.

    Of all the things I have to do every single day, there is one responsibility that is way too easy to pass off on someone else. If you know me AT ALL, you know that our family eats out. A lot. Too much, but there it is. Yes, I know it's expensive and unhealthy. It's also soooo very, very easy! No toddler clinging to me as I try to prepare foods, no kids asking me a barrage of questions of varying topics and degrees of difficulty while I try to remember what I'm supposed to do next. No husband asking when dinner will be ready in a way that lets me know any answer other than "5 minutes, Dear!" is too long to wait.  Educating our kids is a nonnegotiable. I readily admit that I prefer clean clothes to dirty so laundry stays on the list too. Although our youngest will be 2 years old tomorrow, he's not quite ready for an independent lifestyle so baby care continues. Basically, eating out has been the one thing I could drop on a regular basis, and I did.

BUT....No more.

      Faced with the glaring truth of budget and health, I knew that eating at home was one ball I couldn't drop anymore. Ever the perfectionist,  I knew that if I was going to make a lasting change, it would take more than sandwiches and the basics to keep me at home. If I'm going to do something, I want to do it right or not at all.  
**By the way, I know that I have all kinds of layers of wrong thinking in that one statement, but right now I'm working on eating at home, NOT my perfectionist tendencies.** 

     Enter my new LOVE...Pinterest! I've found so many new, fun, easy recipes to try out on my family. They're happy because the food actually tastes really good! I'm happy because I'm flexing my creative muscles instead of boring myself and everyone else with the same tried and true meals. I'm realistic enough to know that my culinary honeymoon won't last forever, but it's a help.  I haven't solved all the other excuses I used for not cooking as much as I should either, but I'm a big girl. I'll deal with it. =)

I only have one real negative about my whole cooking and eating at home experience. I've GAINED weight. Who GAINS weight when they stop eating out?!?!?  So not fair. I'm still not giving up, but really. Really!

*And if you have no idea what Pinterest is, you're living your life in beige instead of bright colors. Just kidding, but look it up, and you'll see how wonderfully helpful it is. If you don't see the potential, ask me and I will explain the potential to you!


  1. This is a great post Mindy!! We are the total opposite...we are always IN!! Rarely do we venture out into the real world... I donot have magnificent pinterest recipes..but the kids like Baked chicken nuggets (with rice chex as the bread crumbs)..super yummy.. Tuesday is always Pizza night..GFCF for the kiddos and i try to make something great for lee and i..cuz i got the pizza skillz down.. wed..meatballs..using leftover sauce from pizza night..we make them into subs for lee and i.. thurs..we've been trying to go to whole foods..that is our GO OUT night/place.. friday.. some other meat..salmon..pork chops..most of our stuff is simple..i use the mc cormick italian seasoning grinder for almost everything..and sea salt.. lots of salads too..especially right after grocery shopping.. and our sides are usually the fresh/raw variety for the kids..we eat a lot of brown rice too..this is great to pour some soup over..there are lots of great flavors out there!
    You inspired me to start making laundry soap again..i made enough (powder) using 8 bars of ivory, 1 box soda, most of 1 box Borax.. $11.00..hope it lasts a couple months! I hope you have a great day today!! Keep at it! and remember..popcorn could be considered a vegetable! ;)


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