Best Baby Ever's 2nd birthday!

We're in the middle of birthday craziness right now. Last week we went to the zoo for Best Baby Ever's 2nd birthday! It was the first time he was actually interested in all the animals. It was so cute watching him wave at every single animal.  So here's a photo montage of our day. =)

Here we are at the small aquarium.

Here he is, trying to climb the rail. Notice my handsome husband in the background. =)

 See the lion back there? 

The tiger was actually awake too!

We don't know what he's trying to do, but it's adorable.

All the kids plus my baby sister (who's not such a baby anymore!)

My little man is NOT a fan of farm animals. At all. By the way, I thought it would it would be fun to let the little guy feed the goats himself. At first, he wanted nothing to do with it. After some prodding by me though, he finally picked up a pellet and promptly put it in his mouth. Next time, I won't force the issue.

However, he LOVES penguins! 

Oh yes, we pose on every single statue.

I realize how...unfortunate this picture is, but he insisted on it. And it's so cute!

Seriously. I have beautiful kids.

See? Another beautiful kid!

And that's our day at the zoo. This week we have Miss Firecracker's 6th birthday party on Wednesday. I have no idea how her cake is going to turn out because she's insisting on a Barbie fairy, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Cinderella birthday cake.  If this wasn't truly an edible expression of how my daughter works, I'd make her pick one theme, but she refuses to be pigeon-holed. She will be who she will be.   Oh, and Mr. Incredible's birthday is Saturday. I'll figure that one out on Thursday. =)


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