December is FINALLY here!

    It's December. FINALLY. I have never looked forward to the end of a year like I have 2011. In every other year of my life, I've gotten to December and thought, "Wow, I can't believe it's almost  20?? (or 19??)!"  Not this year though. For the past  month, I've had to consciously think about what year it is when I write a date because I keep wanting to write 2012. I think it's my subconscious willing the year to be over! And yes, I know that the date change has no tangible meaning. It's more of a natural mental gap where I can put up a wall and definitively say that all of the craziness of the past year is OVER. 
   But anyway, the holidays are here. Our tree is up, exactly two presents have been purchased, and we've already kept up our tradition of visiting the James Island Christmas Lights. We started going to the lights 8 years ago I think, and it's nice to keep up with our little family tradition. We still have to make sugar cookies and those apple cinnamon ornaments that are NOT edible but smell soooo delicious! And in other news, my partner in crime (also known as my husband) and I will be going to Savannah this weekend. Without kids. Really. A dear friend took pity on me and insisted that she keep the kids so that Mr. Inc and I could get away for a couple of days.  I didn't want to be disagreeable so I let her have her way. :)
    Finally, here are a few pics of our visit to James Island. Mr. Inc did something to my...I mean our camera and messed up the camera speed so I don't have too many to share.

 Notice the puffy jackets. You'd think that it was 40degrees, but no. It was closer to 60...or 65. ;)

 Our oldest making it to the top of the climbing wall!

Christmas Lights!


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