A couple more Firsts in a year of Firsts.

  To further continue with the yearly theme of "Do new things to make my life_______(harder, fuller, more exhausting, brighter...),"  I decided to do something else I've never done before. Ready for it? This is exciting stuff I'm about to share!  I...no, you still don't get it. This is something I've NEVER done before. This experiment could be right up there with going to Maui!

Okay, that Maui part is an exaggeration, but here it is. I made my own LAUNDRY DETERGENT! TADA!  Anticlimactic? Possibly. Still, it's another first. It was simple and probably took up an  hour of my time total if I include the time at the store buying the supplies. After all, this is my first ride on the spin cycle of DIY laundry detergent.  The step that took the longest was melting the bar of soap at the stove, but it was a good time for introspection.
    So I'm standing at the stove, stirring the grated soap in water, waiting for it to dissolve, and I think to myself, "WHY am I making laundry detergent? It's not all that expensive, I don't have to buy it often, everyone else buys laundry detergent."  Yes, it's cheaper, but that's not the whole answer.  It's a trade-off. I could spend $$$ on laundry detergent, or I could give up an hour of my day once every 6 months (I made A LOT of laundry detergent) and make it myself. The question is money or time, and this time I've chosen time. It's also kind of a novelty. I mean really, how many people make their own laundry detergent??? We'll see if it sticks. I might be back to buying detergent like everyone else when this batch is gone, but I'm thinking this experiment could morph into a habit.

By the way, I used the Duggar Family recipe for laundry detergent. You can find it here.

Oh, and that link I just made for the recipe is my FIRST link. Just another first for 2011. =)



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