The things they say...

These are the precious gems of words that my family has bestowed upon me over the last two days. I'm saving them here so that I can blackmail...I mean so that I can embarrass them...I mean so that I can look back fondly at the sweet things they say.   And yes, they're all in different colors because it's just more fun that way!

Miss Firecracker at the dinner table- "I CAN READ MY OWN MIND!"   (Miss F always speaks in ALL CAPS!)

Mr. Logical- "Did you and your sister fight more when you watched too much TV when you were little? Did you even HAVE TV when you were little?"
   *Good grief! I'm only 30. I'm not ancient!

Best Baby Ever- "Balloooooon!"

Mr. Incredible- As we were handing out breakfasts this morning for our Breakfast on the Go event, Mr. Inc apparently had epic movies on his mind because this is what he said as he gave someone their bag.

"I hope it serves you well."

Um....okay. It's just a bagged breakfast of juice, an apple, and a muffin. It's not the sword of Gryffindor, the Ring of Power, or your father's light saber. Just sayin'. Maybe the breakfast was an epic start to someone's day. We'll never know. =)

And that's all folks!


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