A stroll down Facebook's memory lane...

I thought it would be fun to look through my old facebook notes and resurrect my favorites. Here are my top two!

This first one is from June 2010, about a month before we found out about Mr. Inc's new job that required us to sell the house and move. Excellent timing for a forced remodel if I do say so myself!

If You Give a Mom a Leaky Bathroom

If you give a mom a leaky bathroom, she'll have to redo the floor. With new tile.

When she's picking out the tile she'll realize the tile will not match the current sink so she'll buy a beautiful new pedestal sink.

After installing the sink she'll notice that the wall mirror is too big for the smaller pedestal sink so she'll shop for a more decorative mirror.

Looking in the reflection of the new, decorative mirror, she'll see the walls are bare so she'll search for classic, decorative pieces to go on the wall.

While shopping for the wall decor, she will be dismayed to remember her towels will not match the new, beautiful pedestal sink or the more decorative mirror so she'll buy new towels. Monogrammed.

Finally, she will look around at her new bathroom with a new tile floor, beautiful pedestal sink, decorative mirror, wall decor, and monogrammed towels and smile because she bought everything on sale (this mom could NEVER pay full price!).

And she will be thankful that she had a leaky bathroom because she will finally get the bathroom makeover she's wanted for 5 years. :) The end.

 I wrote this next one 2 and a half weeks before Best Baby Ever was born. (yes, I've got his name here, I don't really care!) 
Eviction Notice for Baby Matthew

Dear baby,
This letter is to inform you that you must vacate your current residence within the next 3 weeks or be forcibly removed. As the owner of your residence I am thrilled that you have been able stay so comfortably for the duration of your stay, but you're simply getting too big for your home. I feel that I have been very patient with all of your little antics (kicking the walls frequently, the late night parties, insisting on specific foods whenever you want, the on-going expansion of your home, and your ever constant doctor visits). In fact, I will look back on all these things fondly! However, all good things must come to an end, and it's time for you take the initiative. I'm afraid I cannot be you enabler much longer. So prepare yourself! The world you're about to enter will vary in temperature greatly (so no more cozy 98.6 all the time). The noises are louder, the lights are brighter, and I cannot guarantee that your sister will not do something to you that you won't like. However, I hope that you will enjoy the new home that I've prepared for you...at least until you get too big for that one too (then you're on your own!). So good luck on your moving day!! Oh, and let's make that big move during the day, not the middle of the night.

Your Landlord and Loving Mother

**Everyone reading this is a witness in case of any ensuing court issues over the eviction. Thank you so much for your help.**

I have to add that BBE earned his nickname on his very first day. I woke up around 7am on Saturday morning and knew I was in labor. My sister had spent the night just in case, so we got the kids ready to go, my sister took them to my parents' house, and Mr. Inc and I headed to the hospital. BBE was born around 2pm. Doesn't get better than that!


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