My dad got to baptize my son. Awesome!

     Morale is improving over all. School is haltingly improving. Thanksgiving was great. It was my first time doing the whole shebang by myself, and I did a pretty awesome job if I do say so myself. We had 12 people total in our little apartment, and it was fun. I don't know if we'll do this every year, but we'll at least start making more of an effort to have people over for dinner. It's one thing I've been wanting to do more of but just haven't.  We also made it to Greenville for part of the holiday weekend. We saw family, played games with friends, and had a really great weekend.
      Finally, on Sunday I was able to watch my oldest son be baptized. It's something he's been pushing for months, and I admit I'm the one that kept putting it off. I suppose my personal experience clouded my judgment, and I didn't want him to rush into anything.  It's so common in church circles for kids to want to get baptized for any number of reasons (they know it's expected of them, they think it's something they should do, they know they'll be praised for it). I was waiting and watching, and then I came to two conclusions. First, he is initiating serious conversations about God and seems to be growing. What else do I expect? Second, who am I to judge his heart in that way? It's just as wrong for me to hold him back from something he feels led to do as it is for me to push him into something that he's not ready for.  So this past Sunday, I was honored to watch my dad baptize my son. I mean really, what a special moment!  In spite of all the mistakes he's seen me make, God still managed to shine through to my son. Truly amazing.

      Overall, November has been a very pivotal time for our family. We were at one of those forks in the road of life where a potentially life changing decision needed to be made. Thankfully we made the choice we knew we had to make even if wasn't what we necessarily wanted to do.  Mysterious enough? ;)  All you need to know is that we made the right choice, God is working His purpose through all of it, and we are genuinely happy with how everything is working out.


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