The October Trainwreck

It's the middle of October, and here's where we are so far. School has turned into a crawl. Whatever little momentum we had when we started the year ground to a halt pretty quickly once the whirlwind of my trip, packing, moving, unpacking, and beginning CARES at our new property hit. Although my trip to Maui was unequivocally the most peaceful and relaxing time of my life, I was thrown into a maelstrom of stress upon my return. Like that vocabulary? ;)  Anyway, stress is contagious and exhausting so I fell back on my bad habits, and we've been eating out. A lot. Like, really a lot. (Vocab genius is gone.) The kids have watched way too much TV, I've been exhausted, and even BBE  had a few rough days where he actually frowned at me. It was as if he was saying "Mom, you really need to get it together!"  I've gained 5 pounds from all the stress related restaurant eating. Then this past Thursday, my grandpa fell, broke his hip, and had to have surgery on Friday. This year has been full of serious health issues with my grandparents so this was very disheartening news to hear.

But it's Sunday...the first day of a brand new week, and changes have to be made. So starting tomorrow, I'll go back to my healthy eating at home. I'm cutting out the sugar and white flour again since that is the biggest thing that makes me put on weight and just feel blah. I will probably have a headache on Tuesday, will NOT be pleasant on Wednesday, and will be willing to commit a felony for sugar on Thursday, but by Friday, yes, by Friday I'll be better. We will start back with a full school workload while making time for fun by starting off with a field trip to Charles Town Landing tomorrow morning. And I will keep praying for my grandpa. While this is one of the most important things going on right now, it's the one thing that I have absolutely no control over. I can't help or visit because we're too far. I seriously doubt he'd know who I am at this point (alzheimer's), and I don't know if I'm ready to see my grandfather like this.
***sigh again***

    So there it is. No happy, pithy, perky post today. Just a scratch on the surface of the past few weeks.


  1. Your month sounds crazy. I hope you have a great start to your week tomorrow. I totally know what you mean about getting back to eating more at home. I'm going to be posting a review on a website called E-Mealz, which I have found SUPER helpful in helping me to eat more at home. ;) You can check my blog for a review this week.

    Praying for you and your grandfather - know that must be tough.

  2. Thanks Kelly! It's just been one of those months in the midst of one of those years. :)


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