The not so dramatic rundown of my week

   I felt change was called for so you'll notice I have a new background for my blog. The last one was just too...happy. I needed something a little more mellow. Anyway...I made it through my week of cutting out white flour and sugar. I only had one issue: actually cutting out the white flour and sugar. The stuff is everywhere, and I unfortunately did not have the time I needed to go to the store to be prepared for battle...I mean, for a dietary change. =)  Still, I kept with the spirit of things and really tried to cut back on it all. We didn't eat out, and that's a miracle in itself. Wait, I did eat out one night. So never mind, I didn't even make that goal. Still, I'm okay with the week. I'm getting back in the habit of healthier snacks and eating at home so all in all, I count the week a success.
   My second success for the week happened today. I put up all of our pictures on the walls. Every. single. one. I needed a nice frame for a painting that Mr. Incredible's mom painted for us, and since I'm so thrifty, I went to Goodwill, found a nice frame with an ugly picture, and hung up our beautiful painting for only $5.95. AND Goodwill has a military discount on Wednesdays (just for future reference). I now only have one box left to finish unpacking, and it's almost empty already. The kids still have a box of toys, but I'm holding out hope that I can get rid of them instead of unpacking (so that box doesn't count in my total).
   My third success happened tonight. I had all but decided that I was going to stop at Chick-fil-A for a milkshake before going to the grocery store, but I didn't. I drove past CFA, did my shopping, and came home. No snacks. No chocolate. No ice cream. I'm actually very glad that I skipped it, because otherwise, success number 1 would have been very short lived.
    This entire post makes my week seem very pleasant, and it was in many ways. However, it was also absolutely awful in another way. Unfortunately for you, I'm not about to blog about the awful side. I only add this last part to remind you that everyone shows their best face to the world, but we all have our own deep, dark problems that we don't want anyone else to see. I've changed my outlook when talking to people. Now I wonder what pain they have in their lives that few if anyone know about. It's given me more compassion; a quality I've lacked in the past. 
    So....that's it I guess. Another week in the books. Next week I get to visit family and friends, and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!


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