Fall Traditions

    I love fall. I love the way it smells, I love the colors, I love the clothes, I love the shoes...I love fall. Every year over the course of the season, our family would go to an apple farm (usually Nivens Apple Farm) to pick apples and pumpkins, take a drive through the mountains to see the colors in the trees, spend an afternoon at a corn maze, go on a hayride, bake some homemade apple pies, rake up the leaves in our yard, go to Boo in the Zoo at the Greenville Zoo, and go to Trunk or Treat at my parents' church. I especially loved Halloween because the kids would spend the night with the grandparents ;-)!
     However, our new life on the coast requires some tweaking of family traditions. Charleston doesn't have apple farms. I guess the sandy soil and ocean breeze aren't conducive to apple growing so no apple farm this  year.  We bought our pumpkin at Walmart (boo, hiss!).  As for driving through the mountains, that has now become a weekend event instead of an afternoon drive, and we don't have a weekend to spare. No yard, so no leaves to rake. No Boo in the Zoo either.
    You may think I'm wallowing in self pity because I can't follow most of our traditions, but that would make you WRONG. Have you forgotten that I thrive in change? I makes me sad sometimes to make certain changes, but I embrace the change! After all, what else am I going to do? Things will change in spite of my feelings on the matter.  So we won't make it to the apple farm this year, and probably not the mountains, but we can still make apple pies. We can drive by the beach instead and even have a fall picnic on the sand without all the tourists throwing food to attract the birds. Yes, we've lived here long enough to be able to spot the tourists, and to not look like tourists ourselves! We found a new corn maze to discover complete with a hayride, I won't have sore muscles from raking leaves all weekend, and we'll still do Trunk or Treat at my parents' church because we'll get to visit that weekend!
   So what if we have palm trees instead of dazzling, orange and golden maple trees? So what if I'm sweating like crazy because I insist on wearing long sleeves and boots in 70+ degrees because it's October. I mean, it's OCTOBER! I LOVE boots! I've missed my jeans, long sleeve t-shirts, and sweaters! I love socks! I can't keep them cooped up in my closet anymore.
    But really, we're not making any real changes. We may be doing different activities, but we're still doing them together, and that's what really counts, right?

The Dumont Family at West Farm Corn Maze!


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