Photo blog of my trip. If you want pics of Maui, here they are!

Pictures from Maui! Enjoy!  

 Alii Kula Lavender Farm

 The one above is my absolute favorite picture!

 These flowers didn't even look real. They're black and plastic looking.

Hike to Twin Falls
 A coconut tree!

 Ginger flower

 The first of Twin Falls. 

 Joanna and me!
The other fall at Twin Falls. The water was low that day if you can't tell.

Ho'okipa Beach

 We kept seeing a couple of sea turtles in these waves just hanging out in the water.
I love how you can see the way the lava flowed before cooling to rock.

 My first steps in the Pacific Ocean!

Kamehameha III or Kam 3 for short

I'd just finished snorkeling for the first time!

Tide Pools

I found a sea cucumber! I was so excited!

Here I am actually touching the sea cucumber. 

Sea Cucumber again. I was fascinated. :)

This pool was teeming with sea urchins.

The view from our table at Lahaina Pizza Company. Best Pizza Ever by the way!
Jo and I at dinner. 

I got Tommy a shark tooth necklace here. Big shark!
Fossil Whale Vertebra. I put my hand for size comparison. Notice the price: over a thousand dollars!

Ulua Beach and Makena Beach
Me at Ulua Beach. We'd just finished snorkeling. We saw so many fish and even an octopus!

 I just thought this mountain was pretty. We walked by here on our way to Makena Beach.

Makena Beach

 The water was calm, and the waves weren't building and crashing until they were right at the shore.

Driving up the mountain
 These pics all go together. I'm hoping to make one panoramic print.

 It was such an incredible view, I had to be in a picture with it! Even if I am sunburned.

This was the view looking up the mountain instead of down.

A few other random pics
Pineapple fields! Yes, they really grow in the ground, NOT on trees.

 These are the leis I got. I got the one on top at the luau, and Jo gave me the bottom one when I arrived. However, I'm actually about to leave in this picture. :(

 These are the banana trees that grow right beside Jo's house.

I do have a few more pictures, but I haven't uploaded them yet. They're mostly from the luau, and the rest I posted on my facebook page. I hope you enjoyed looking through my pictures! I really had the most incredible trip. I want to give special thanks to my husband for making this happen for me (surprising me with the plane ticket and keeping the kids while I went away) and to Joanna for letting me visit her, teaching me how to snorkel, and for taking me all over Maui!


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