My first 28 hours in Maui

I'm about halfway through my visit to Maui, and I have to write everything down now so I don't forget any details!  So I flew in to Maui around 6:15pm (12:15am EST). One of my best college friend, Joanna picked me up and took me to dinner at a place called Da Kitchen for my first Hawaiian meal. Now I didn't know this, maybe you did, but people here eat Spam all. the. time! It's even on the menu at Jack in the Box. Weird.
    Friday morning, we got up and went up the mountain to a lavender farm. It was stunningly beautiful. As soon as I opened the car door, I was hit with the most calming, refreshing smell of lavender. The view was spectacular! I could see the entire valley and the ocean on both sides. Behind us was the volcano, but the summit was covered with clouds. We spent the morning walking through the gardens and rows of lavender. It was so surreal. I kept thinking "I'm walking through lavender fields in Maui. This can't be real!" In the gift shop, we got a lavender scone, some lavender lemonade, and liliko'i jelly, and then we sat outside looking at this amazing view of the island.
    Next we went to Cafe des Amis and had banana nutella crepes for dessert (after a chicken curry and rice wrap). Okay, here's a quick observation. People walk around town barefoot and no shirts. I'm NOT used to that. First I thought they were bums, then I realized they were just normal people. Moment of small culture shock. =)  After lunch, we went to Twin Falls. We followed this path through the forest., and we saw all kinds of flowers like ginger and hibiscus plus coconut trees, guava trees, and avocado trees along the way.
    THEN (because this was a very full day!) we stopped at Ho'okipa, walked to the ocean, and I got to step into the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my life! We watched these large (to me, but small for Maui) waves crashing over all these volcanic rocks jutting out of the water, and we even saw some sea turtles hanging out in the water near shore.  The sand is so different here, nothing like the East Coast or even the Gulf of Mexico. I haven't figured out the best way to describe it yet. The grains of sand are larger and smoother here. Each individual grain has been smoothed by the water, and it's different colors. When I'd pick up a handful of sand, I'd see golds, browns, blacks, whites, purples..,
   Anyway, we went to dinner with Jo's family then a group of us went to this spot behind the power plant where the warmer water flows into the ocean to watch sea turtles. They're attracted to the warmer water so they're everywhere. I just had to shine a flashlight out onto the water and find their heads sticking up for air, then they splash as they dove back down. Something large was splashing and moving around, but we could never get a good look. I'm choosing to believe it was a shark since tiger sharks are common in that spot, hunting turtles. =)
    So that was my first evening and full day in Maui. When this is all over and I'm back at home, I'll upload all my pictures and just have a photo blog to show everything I've seen. It's been amazing so far!


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