Moved Again

Here's the newest update on us. Last Thursday I started packing up our things so that we could move on Saturday. Yes, you read that right. I gave myself 2 days to pack up our household. I live life to the extreme, remember?  Friday, I drove the kids up to the grandparents' (about a 2.5 hour drive). Saturday, 4 friends came over and helped finish packing, loaded everything onto the moving truck, and then moved everything into our new apartment. They were amazing, and we couldn't have made it without them! Sunday, I drove back to the grandparents' to bring the kids home. Obviously, little to no unpacking happened on Sunday.
    OH, I almost forgot why I got a late start driving up to get the kids!  So, Mr. Incredible, an intelligent, mechanically minded man, put the washing machine drain hose into the wrong hole. I'm not sure why there were two...anyway. You can imagine what happened. Water E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E! All over the laundry room, spilling into the hallway, into the little closet with the AC, on the other side of the wall into the master bathroom, and outside the apartment a little bit. Seriously. Everywhere. We panicked a little bit, and yes, I admit there was some yelling. Thankfully, it looked A LOT worse than it really was. We cleaned it up in a few minutes, maintenance came with a blower and said it was not a big deal. Still, that wasn't the way I wanted to start things off. Since this is Mr. Inc's second washing machine mishap, he's only got one more strike before the professionals will be required for every move.
     The rest of the week was spent slowly moving out the things left behind on Saturday, and then cleaning the apartment. This is where I got to shine. Usually I can't give in to my perfectionist tendencies because it's a losing battle. Not enough time or too many little hands and feet undoing all my work behind me. But for a move, I get to do every little detail. I can clean every surface, vacuum every room, clear every smudge off of every window...
      Hmmm, I think I'm revealing a little too much of my potential to be obsessive compulsive. Let's just say that for once I got to clean everything, and it stayed that way! Finally it was time for the walk through and I heard exactly what I wanted to hear: "Wow, you did a GREAT job cleaning! Thanks so much!"  I know it's silly, but I was so happy to get the outside validation. Most of what I do at home is unseen, unnoticed, or undone before anyone has the chance to see or care! For once, I got the pat on the back. It was nice. =)
    And now we're about to start October. We have a new calendar of events ready to plan and host at our new community and we're so excited to get started!


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