Maui-Day 3!

  Day 3 in Maui. Today was pretty laid back. This morning I went to Pukalani Baptist Church. Joanna's dad is the pastor, and it was a great experience to fellowship with believers so far from my home. Even though I'd never been here before, I felt completely at ease and welcomed by everyone! I guess that's the way things work with Christians. We're all believers and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though we may not know each other personally, we can recognize Christ in each other.
  We grabbed lunch at McDonalds...yes, I know what you're thinking. "You ate MCDONALD'S while vacationing in Maui?!!?!?" What can I say? It was cheap!  Besides, I did have an exclusive Hawaiian experience! You know how our McD's have apple pies? Well, the McDonald's in Maui serve haupia pies! Haupia means coconut by the way. I didn't order it because it just seems too weird and surgary, but I know that it's there. They also serve saimen (think noodles that are a few notches better than ramen).
    After resting for part of the afternoon, we went to Lahaina to do my souvenir shopping. The drive was incredible! The Pacific Ocean was on our left.  I could see other islands, waves, surfers,and paddle boarders. To my right was the mountain. Every curve showed green valleys and steep cliffs. Seriously, awe-inspiring beauty.  In Lahaina, we walked down a street that was right on the water. On my right, I had souvenir shops and art galleries, and on my left, I had the Pacific Ocean full of sail boats! I saw more than my share of Hawaiian shirts, dresses, t-shirts, bobble head hula dancers, and Hawaii EVERYTHING!  Very fun!
    Finally we had dinner at Lahaina Pizza Factory with some of Jo's family and friends. The pizza was great! Plus we could look out over the ocean while we ate. The entire experience was so much fun, and having dinner while looking out over the ocean was just perfect! Happy happy day.
    Tomorrow's my last day here. It's been an amazing trip, and I still can't believe I'm here.  Since I didn't have as much going on today, I'll add in a few of the things I've noticed around here that haven't fit in my play by play of the day.  So one of the things that I've noticed here is that it smells incredible everywhere I go. Kind of sweet, flowery, and perfumy. It's not overwhelming at all, just....nice.  The other big difference I've noticed is how much the outside flows inside. Windows are open, even business have wide open windows with no screens. Doors are open all the time, everything just flows together. It's just very calming and peaceful. So that's it so far.
   Except for one final thing. I got some kind of bug bite on Friday, and it just keeps getting bigger. Now it's starting to branch out. It's really weird. It doesn't hurt at all, but it shouldn't be growing after 2 and a half days. So...just pray I didn't catch some rare tropical disease. =)


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