God MADE me do it!

My day has not gone the way I intended at all. It all started this morning when God made me get confused about what time church starts. Yes, I completely blame God for my mistake. It's all His fault!  I know that our church begins at 10:30am. Except somehow this morning I just KNEW that church starts at 10am. I got the kids up and ready to go, and I parked in front of the church promptly at 10am to see the parking lot just starting to fill up with all the teachers and volunteers for the morning. Oops! I was 30 minutes early (which NEVER EVER EVER EVER happens to me).  We were already there, so we walked inside, and I delivered the kids to their prospective classes. The children's ministry leader laughed at me and said it happens all the time.
     Since I had 20 minutes left to spare, I looked for someone to talk to and spotted a woman sitting with her granddaughter. Aha! Someone else who came too early! I went over, said hello, and ended up having the most fascinating and encouraging conversation with Darlene. It turns out that Darlene and her husband were visiting from Pittsburgh. We made small talk for a few minutes when she mentioned that she'd recently gone to India. Darlene did not look like the kind of woman to just go to India so I asked what brought her there. She went on to tell me about this ministry called Praying Aunties that she's a part of.  Basically, they're a network of women who pray for girls that have been rescued from forced prostitution and are now living in after-care homes.  Right now, their main focuses are India, Moldova and the United States.  Darlene went with this group of ladies to India to meet with and minister to these girls in the after-care homes. Her story of how God led her to go on this trip was amazing!  If hadn't mixed up my times, I would have never even met this woman who was only at my church today visiting her daughter. 
    Overall, a nice morning!


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