Frazzled vent coming your way

    I've spent my week feeling torn in three different directions. That in and of itself is mentally exhausting. Part of me needed to do schoolwork. Very important, perhaps the MOST important! Part of my needed to clean and seriously purge the stuff in my home. Also very important, and I have a limited time frame to get this done. Finally, another part of me was pulled towards doing CARES stuff. We've been preparing and hosting 3 events between Wednesday and Sunday.  We made it through the week with not nearly as much schoolwork done as I needed to do and two events done with the 3rd completely ready to go.
    So I decided that Saturday would be my cleaning/purging day. I'm trying to be ruthless with the kids' rooms. I've thrown out or boxed for donation more toys and trash than I can believe! I've yelled a couple of times at everyone else's lack of enthusiasm for purging. I've picked up some toys multiple times as the Best Baby Ever would pick things up from my piles and move them around. At least the kids' rooms have very visible progress so my day doesn't feel completely wasted. I already took a ton of stuff to a consignment store earlier this week. I'm making progress.
    But here's my question. WHERE does this stuff come from???? It's ridiculous how much junk finds its way into this house, and I think I'm the only one that will get rid of anything! It drives me crazy! Do you know what I used to dream about? I used to have dreams of traveling all over the world and continuing my education at least to a graduate level. Now I dream of a clean, clutter free home. I believe this dream might need to be shelved as well because I just don't know that it will ever happen, and that makes me sad. For 6 months, I lived this dream. Half of our belongings were in storage and I'd gotten rid of A LOT while we were waiting for our house to sell. I could make my home immaculate in 45 minutes. I had it down to a science since I got so many calls from our realtor saying "Someone wants to view your house in an hour. Is that okay?"  In my head I'd think "NO, I'm in the middle of ________ (school, naptime, dinner, ect.)" but I always said "Of course, that sounds great."  And I'd get everything picked up and we'd be out the door before anyone showed up.
    It was so nice and calming. When I walked into my house, I felt calm and able to rest and relax. Now I walk into my home and get stressed because there's piles of stuff everywhere.  It makes my brain frazzled!  Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be such a vent so I believe I'll stop now. But please tell me I'm not the only one that struggles with this! PLEASE!

***To end on an up note, our eating out as dramatically decreased! One win for me!***


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