Day 2 in Maui!

For my second full day in Maui, I went with Joanna and her sister, Naomi, to the beach (don't ask which one because I have NO IDEA how to spell it) to go snorkeling! This was my very first time so I was a little nervous, but they were great teachers. I admit that the first time I put my face in the water with the mask, I panicked for a second. It felt claustrophobic and suffocating, but after a few minutes, I was trying again, and within 15 minutes I was ready to go. The water is so clear and blue! I saw coral reefs growing on lava rocks and tropical fish like the ones in the pics at the end. Just fyi, I didn't take these pictures, but these are some of the things I saw.
    Once the water started getting choppy, we got out and looked at some tide pools. It was the coolest thing! Each little pool was like it's own little world.  I saw sea urchins everywhere, lots of small fish jumping around, tiny crabs, and even two sea cucumbers that I got to touch. They're a little bit squishy, but not too much. Again, one of those things I just don't know exactly how to describe.  I CAN tell you how Jo told me to find them. She told me they look like poop, so just look for poop, and it will probably be a sea cucumber. I'm sooo glad I was right about find a sea cucumber and not...well...poop. =)
    I'll save you from the play by play description of our afternoon which included a trip through the Jack in the Box drive through. Nothing super interesting for you. BUT Saturday night we went to the Te Au Moana ("The Ocean Tide") Luau at Wailea Beach Marriot Resort. We got flower leis, a sunset beach picture, and a fantastic dinner! They had the traditional Hawaiian pig that had roasted in leaves all day plus all kinds of delicious Hawaiian foods. They also had poi, a very UN-delicious Hawaiian food. I'm glad I tried it, but UGH! It was NOT GOOD! It was purple goo. That's the best way to describe it.  Two couples sat at our table. One couple was from Palm Beach, California (not too far) but the other couple was from Tokyo although the guy was originally from London and just lives and works in Tokyo now.So we had a large part of the world represented at our little table. We watched the entire show and it was so much fun, of course! Lots of hula dancers, we heard the legends of Maui, and even watched the fire dancers.  Very fun and very touristy.
    Finally, we came home and watched The Illusionist because it's an awesome movie. =) So that was my second full day in Maui!  Enjoy some of the pics, but remember these aren't mine. I'll post all of mine once I get home.



Just kidding! No sharks!!!


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