I get a do-over on my 30s!

So this was a momentous week for me. I officially turned 30. I can truly say I didn't even blink an eye at the event. I've joked around with Mr. Incredible for years that I've been living the life of a 30 year old throughout my entire 20s. I just look at the next decade as a do-over. Now the really exciting thing that happened this week is that my husband bought me a plane ticket to.....MAUI!!! I get to go to Hawaii in a few months to visit one of my best friends from college!  We've tried to go to Hawaii together for nearly as long as we've been married, but things would always get in the way. Whenever we'd plan to go we'd either buy a house, have a baby (times 3), or sell house. Not much room for taking a jaunt across the world when you're having kids or making major financial moves every few years. Knowing that I've ALWAYS wanted to travel, but have never had the opportunity, my wonderful husband made it a priority for me to live this dream.
      Since I still have over 3 months until my big trip, I need to focus on other things. For instance, we have 3 events we're hosting in the next 2 weeks, sometime this summer I'll have my little sister visit for a week, then Mr. Logical's best friend will visit for a week, plus summer school (oh yes, we WILL school through summer), and Mr. Inc will be on military orders a few times and will be travelling to Mississippi at some point. Lots and lots to do. Soon I'll have my entire summer scheduled, and we can then go about wrecking all my plans.  The only solid decision I've come to personally is on which church I'd like to join. Something happened this week that confirmed in my heart where I think we should be. That in and of itself makes me feel a little more settled here. And that's it. I'm tired, and I'm not rereading or editing this. We spent the entire afternoon at the pool giving out icecream and talking to people, then we grilled out, walked through our community visiting a few people, came home, gave the kids baths, watched Harry Potter 7, and now I'm done!


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