Things are hard. God is good.

         First off, I feel I owe an apology/explanation to anyone I saw this weekend that asked me how Charleston is. If you asked me this question, I answered with either "Charleston's great!" or "It's wonderful!" or "It's different but we're settling in."  It wasn't a lie. Charleston, the city, really is great, wonderful, different from Greenville, and we're still settling in.  Now if you asked me how things are going or how I'm doing, my answer was much more ambiguous, and I probably steered you in a safer direction. Also not a lie, just a...redirection. Everyone should know that in the South you have to ask someone how they are at least 3 times before you get anything more than "fine!" OR a list of health ailments (depending on which side of the Southern spectrum you're on).
         Charleston really IS a great city, and we enjoy living here. Our new home is wonderful, really, better than I imagined.   And now here's the big but.  BUT our family was split up for nearly 6 months, and that forces a change in dynamics. We'd gone through this before when Mr. Inc was activated during the Iraqi war, and I remember all too well what we had to go through for all of us to get back to a normal place. If you were a facebook friend with me last fall, I probably annoyed you with all of my sad, sappy statuses. I know for a fact I lost at least one facebook "friend" over it, and my own sister was about to hide me for awhile. I am sorry for it, but I was fighting as hard as I could to NOT get back to that place. I really didn't want to go through all the work it takes to learn how to all live together happily again. Time does what it does though no matter how hard we fight, and Time has taken its toll again.
        I will not lie. The last 2 months have been difficult in some ways. Maybe it's the fallout from 6 months of separation plus 6 months of trying to sell a house (and all that goes with it) plus homeschooling, then throw on a new city, meeting all new people, trying to get started with a new ministry, and in general re-evaluating my perspective on a lot of long-held views of what the Christian life and church should look like.  In the end, it all adds up to one big mess of selfishness and fatigue. NOT pretty, let me tell you!
       So if you read this, say a prayer for us. We know that the Lord has brought about a lot of change in our lives. He wasn't satisfied to leave us where we were, both geographically and spiritually, and I am very thankful for that! I also know that when the Holy Spirit is moving, Satan steps up his game. We know he's already lost the battle, but he doesn't take loss well.
       Here's a final warning. If you ask me how I'm doing or how things are going, I will probably tell you "fine!" or "we're still getting used to everything." You also don't have to ask me three times, because I'll probably shift the conversation in a different direction because this isn't something I necessarily want to discuss. Blogging is just me telling you without giving you much of an opportunity to respond/judge.  In fact, one of my biggest reasons for sharing all of this is because everyone I know seems to have everything together, act so happy, and I KNOW some of you are lying!!! So here's my story. Things are hard. God is good.


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