Philosophical questions...or whining. Take your pick.

    Apparently life is one personal crisis after another. Some are visible for everyone to see, and some are quite private, so private that I would NEVER share them with anyone. It's like one problem gets settled, then something completely different pops up. Constant little (or big) attacks from all different angles.  It's just so tiring. Every now and then I have a moment where I can breathe and know that at THIS single moment, everything seems good. I look for those moments because I know that something I don't know about yet is just on the horizon. Does that make me a pessimist or do I have a realistic understanding of the fallen world we live in? 
     Anyway...other than those philosophical ponderings, the only other thing coming is another visit with family and friends this weekend! I miss my people!  And that's it. Short and sweet today. No time and brain power for anything else. :)


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