Who killed the cupcake...my baby's 1st birthday!

    Today was Best Baby Ever's very first birthday! We had a simple dinner at the grandparents' house, and BBE got his first (and second) chocolate cupcake. I've known for awhile that this kid only has a sweet tooth, so I knew this would be good. Little did I know he would kill the cupcake. I put the delicious goody in front of him, and his expression was cool and calculating before both hands pounced on the poor, unsuspecting dessert. You know those nature documentaries that show the lion hunting the gazelle? The cute, adorable gazelle is just eating grass, minding his own business then POW! Here comes a lion charging full speed ahead, and that sweet little gazelle is dinner before he has time to swallow that last bite of savannah grass. That's the best way to describe the noble end of the chocolate cupcake with homemade blue butter cream frosting. What a way to go...anyway, here are some pictures of the cupcake's last moments and of my handsome son enjoying his birthday treat!

    See that happy, smiling boy next to Best Baby Ever? That's Mr. Logical. I LOVE him! He's a first-born child just like me so we're both logical, demanding, and (dare I say it) bossy.  Tonight, after I'd put the kids to bed, Mr. Logical came back downstairs and said "Mom, don't you hear her?"  To which I replied "No, I don't".   Before I go further, just know that Mr. Logical and Miss Firecracker have to share a bedroom right now. They're both kids so it's no big deal to any of us for the time being. Okay, back to the story. Mr. Logical said "She's singing! She keeps singing 'Hit me with your best shot!' and she won't be quiet!"  And....now I'm laughing! I tried to hide my laughter, but I failed. Miserably. My 4 year old daughter was rocking out an 80s anthem!  At this time, I need to explain that Miss Firecracker is just like her father. She has a huge personality and is ruled by her emotions. I LOVE her too by the way. So that's how the evening went down.
    And here's one more little peep into the way my kids think. Once again, Miss Firecracker is the star as is usually the case.  Tonight at dinner, we stopped at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. Miss Firecracker was preparing to shoot her straw wrapper at one of us. She pointed the weapon at each of us in turn trying to decide who most deserved to be targeted. Being the loving wife that I am, I pointed at Mr. Incredible and said "Shoot Dad!"  She immediately swung the straw back at me and said "No! I'll shoot you! I Love Dad!"  **BANG** She blew the straw wrapper at me, right at my now crushed heart.  She then explained that even though she loves me, she loves her dad more.  Yeah, just stomp on the heart that you've already shot. I can take it. I only carried you for 9 months, changed your diapers, held you for 4 months straight because you didn't want anyone else...whatever. I get it. You've moved on.  Just know Miss Firecracker that I will ALWAYS love you! Also know that I will almost certainly shoot you with MY straw wrapper the next chance I get.


  1. How funny! Simone definitely feels like she should have been raised in the 80s! Alexander is a lot like Miss Firecracker!

  2. Is that the reason for the song??? The challenge is on..."Hit me with your best shot"

    So Funny!


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