Unrealistic expectations on my laundry detergent and other crazy things!!!!

        Almost 6 months ago I stocked up on a lot of laundry detergent. I'm mean really. A lot. As I lovingly looked at all the detergent I'd bought with coupons and on sale, I thought to myself "I'll bet I won't have to buy detergent again before we move!".  Bottle by bottle, my stockpile shrank until a couple of weeks ago when I finally opened my last container of laundry detergent; a box of some brand I'd never used before, but it was crazy cheap with my coupon. I was so sad when I unsealed that last box because some imaginary deadline was being crossed in my mind. Every load of laundry reminded me that we still had no idea how or when the kids and I could move and be with Mr. Incredible full-time again.  Sigh.  As if laundry needed another reason to be avoided, I go and put unreasonable expectations on my detergent!  Then on Thursday we found out we CAN move! And in only a week and a half! So this week when I do laundry, I'll give my nearly empty detergent box a smug look instead of the customary frown. I think I have just enough detergent to make it through the week, so I guess my imaginary deadline was a good indicator after all!
      Now although you can't see it, this is my second attempt at my blog post. I started to outline everything that happened this week, but my fingers were beginning to develop arthritis from all the typing so I've decided to start over, just giving you key phrases that describe the week. Here it goes...
Double Doctor's Appointment
Screaming and Crying
Barnes and Noble, Chick-fil-A  :-)
     House Showing
Road Trip
 Happy Dance!
  Road Trip. Again.
Birthday Party
Cupcakes, Sugar, Craziness, NOISE, Happy kids
Lunch with best friends
Clean House for showing number 2

     Good grief! Even my key words and phrases list is too long!  And this week was the easy week. Next week I will pack the house and do the million and one things that needs to be done for us to finally move! That's right, we will be moving to Charleston in 9 days! The interview with the apartment managers went better than I dreamed it would! We'll be the cares team for a great apartment complex, and we get to start in just a few weeks! I can't believe it, but it's finally happening! I think I did a big chunk of the legwork when I packed up most of our belongings to put into storage months ago. I'll probably realize in a few days that I'm wrong. The last time we moved we had one small child and very little in the way of "stuff". Let me tell you, seven years and two kids later, we've acquired A LOT more "stuff". I've tried to get rid of some of the excess, but really it's obscene how many thing we (Americans) can accumulate. Ready or not (hopefully ready), we're loading a truck and moving in a little over a week! Yay!

    Hmmm, I just realized I've probably used too many exclamation points in this post, but I'm so excited, I don't care!!!!!!!!!!!  Exclamation point away!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Isn't it amazing when we consider this adventure at life we're on? Mine surely has taken turns that I never thought or imagined! I was convicted this morning about thinking of the "what could have beens" and the "what could be's" and simply to live for today. If I can ever learn to just hang on and trust, the ride is so much fun! The times that my fears grip me and I close my eyes way too tight, I miss the fun and adventure of trusting the Father and where He wants to take us! I am so excited to watch your journey unfold before us!


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