My 2010 Rundown

     Think your last year was crazy? Here's mine. I started off the year having baby number 3. He happens to be the best baby in the world which was GREAT because exactly six weeks after he was born, we all went to Disney World! Seriously. Doesn't everyone want to take their 6 week old baby on a 10 hour drive to Disney World, spend 4 days walking around parks, then do another 10 hour drive home? It was actually really fun and not nearly as exhausting as it sounds. The next few months were pretty calm, and our main focus was home schooling, waiting for Mr. Incredible to finish his MBA, and finding a new job.  Oh yeah, except for when the kids got the flu, then Miss Firecracker got pneumonia. Let me tell you how fun THAT was!  Anyway, back to Mr. Incredible's job. You see, the job he had was one of those soul-crushing things that sucks the life out of a human being so staying there was not an option. Thankfully, the Lord provided a great job in August where he could finally look forward to going to work everyday. This was a very good thing for all of us because the only thing harder than having a soul-crushing job that sucks the life out of you is being married to someone with one of those jobs. It's soul-crushing times two.
     Now this is where things get interesting.  The catch to this great job you might ask? This great job is in Charleston, about 3 hours away from our home, so we get to attempt sell our house in the worst market in recent history and in the worst time of year to list a house!  I say attempt because we still haven't won that battle yet. In the meantime, Jon has to start the job while the kids and I stay here until the house sells.  Basically, the months of September through December were a blur, but here are some flashes of how things went. School. Clean. Baby starts crawling. Somebody wants to see the house NOW! Clean. More school. House showing. Run out of house for showing. Run out on lunch with friends to get ready for another house showing. Thanksgiving. 10 year wedding anniversary. Kid breaks the door. Husband gone. Husband graduates. Husband home. Another showing. Oops, we forgot school. Christmas. Snow. Broken car on New Years Eve so husband can't come home. I feel like I've forgotten something...but that's the gist. 
     I only go through all this because everything that's changing in my life from here on out is rooted in the changes and choices from last year. If you don't have at least that background, then everything else I say from this point on will seem a little less....well, just less. Hopefully you get the name of my blog now because even though these are "adventures" to me, it's nothing so unusual from what everyone else goes through in some way or another. I'll try to make these non-adventures seem much less mundane and immensely more audacious. And hopefully my very first post doesn't sound like complaining because it's not. I can honestly say this has been one of the best years of my life.


  1. What a nice read for 5am..Well done! I have found it to be so freeing to have a place to jot down the dealings of my day..and have met some great "neighbors" in just a couple years too! Enjoy it!! Also..rejoicing for you as you reunite w/ the!! :)

  2. Oh yeah. THIS is going to be fun!!

  3. And I bet you still have people asking you WHAT you do all day?? ;)


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