God doesn't want my house to sell!

     Selling a house while homeschooling and having 2 kids and one baby in the house is life consuming. It disrupts the rhythm of our lives. Whatever we're doing has to be dropped at a moment's notice whenever a potential buyer wants to see our wonderful deal-of-a-lifetime house. This in and of itself is not so bad. Whatever, it's part of the deal of trying to sell your house in this market. What DOES drive me crazy are the people that are not serious about buying or they have NO IDEA what they're looking for.  I think people have watched too many home renovation shows because now everyone wants a brand spankin' new Mcmansion at a dollar menu price.  I see our home more as a Mchouse at a value meal price. But so are the days we live in...
    Okay, I'm done with my rant. Now to ask the tough questions. Last night at dinner, some friends and I were chatting about why it is SO HARD for some people to believe that God is in control. Notice the period after the word "control" instead of  a comma followed by the word "but."  This discussion got me thinking about my house not selling. How does God's sovereignty and my house not selling go together? Besides the fact that I tend to be very self-focused, and it always comes back to me anyway...just kidding. Not really. Anyway... If I really believe that God is sovereign, that He's in control and involved in all the little details of life, then I must believe that God has not allowed my house to sell. He provided an amazing job opportunity for Mr. Incredible in a city on the other side of the state, but as of yet, He has left us here. Separated for 5 months now except for most weekends.
     Why would God do this? Doesn't He want our family to be together? Did we make a mistake somewhere along the way?  If we're in "God's will" so to speak, then why are things so hard? Shouldn't things just happen easily when we're doing what the Lord would have us to do? Aha! There it is. Where in the world did that last question come from?!  And now I see that I've started to fall for the lie. You know the one, maybe you've heard it before. Maybe you've even believed it at one time or another. The lie that if life is hard or not going the way we want, then we must be out of the Lord's will for our lives. Let me think about this for a minute. Have I EVER read anything in the Bible that says "The Lord will make the way easy and without difficulty if you're in His will."? Nope. Not once. However, there are tons of examples of good people that LOVE the Lord, try to follow Him in everything, and then bad things happen followed by worse things. Have you ever read Hebrews? Job? Genesis? Seriously, just pick a book! Lots and lots of suffering is mentioned. Okay, I think I'm getting close to the real answer. Let's find a better question this time. What could the purpose be in my situation? How about Romans 3:5 (Yes, I know. It's Romans. Get over it.) It says "Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;" Perseverance. Hmm, perseverance is a good thing. That's a good reminder. 
      And now we've come to the time where I stop feeling sorry for myself and try to see what the Lord has been trying to teach me for the past 5 months. First, I've been learning about compassion. I have been much too critical of people that have fallen on hard times, especially people that have lost their homes to foreclosure. I thought "if they had just done what they were supposed to do instead of being greedy and buying a house they couldn't afford, they wouldn't be in the mess they're in."  OUCH. That hurts me just to read it. I can't believe I really felt that way. If it weren't for Mr. Incredible's friend that's letting him rent a room, we might have ended up in the same predicament. Not so high and mighty now, right?  How about compassion for all of the families that are separated right now whether it be because of jobs, a military obligation, or just because couples separate. Separation is no walk in the park, and it's not for the feint of heart.  You don't have your person to share the burdens with. I CAN'T help Mr. Inc when he's had a long week or just needs to talk (because a phone is not the same!!!). He CAN'T help me when the kids are stressing me out or I'm sick or whatever.  At least I know there's a close end in sight. Many others don't have that luxury.
    So to recap. Potential home-buyers need to figure out what they want before they wreck my afternoon. Again. God is sovereign and doesn't want our house to sell right now. I fell for a lie. I was incredibly proud, but I'm learning to be more compassionate. That's it. I never said my blog would make me out to be perfect. That would just be another lie!


  1. Oh Sweet Mindy!!I Think the bigger issue is patience... EEEEK! I Know this is a stinger, and i am sorry...but i can say that i recognize it (patience) from my daily existence...just sayin...it's a marvelously close place to be..waiting IN the Lords hands..you are not far from His very breath when He uses you in HIS timing!!AND YOU FEEL IT...AND KNOW IT...AND CAN EMBRACE IT!!
    Loving on you from here...and praying.

  2. Patience is for another post. This experience has been a goldmine of life lessons. :)


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